Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center – Improving Care in Our Communities


“When you’re healthy, you’re productive…We want a productive, active community. But in order to have that, people have to be healthy.”

We’d like to highlight Our Lady of Lourdes that has provided the homeless and many others exemplary service through the St. Bernadette Clinic. Watch as we ask local Amos Ratliff about his personal experience with the clinic.

Sen. Boudreaux Supports Families with Disabilities

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 9:30 a.m., Senator Gerald Boudreaux attended the Legislative Roundtable Breakfast hosted by Louisiana’s Council Advocacy Network at the Lafayette Public Library located at 301 W. Congress St. Lafayette, La 70501.

He was educated by members of the community on funding for home and community-based services as well as equitable funding for public school systems in the 2017-2018 state budget.

The event focused on highlighting the concerns of parents, self-advocates, community leaders, and other education advocates on living with and working with individuals with disabilities and their families. The event also focused on helping Sen. Boudreaux better understand the funding formula used for traditional public schools.

Sen. Boudreaux was very pleased to meet with the community and get more insight into their concerns on this matter.

Government by God’s Design Bible Study

Government by God’s Design, a project of Concerned Women for America of Louisiana, will be hosting a four-part Bible study to help Christians involved in the political process to honor God in government. The biblical meeting will be non-partisan and non-denominational study.

Each two-hour session includes Biblical teaching, videos, and activities designed to provide information and application related to our current political environment.

The sessions will be held on Sunday, January 29; Sunday, February 5; Sunday, February 12; and Sunday, February 19 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m at Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church located at 1801 Second Ave. in Lake Charles, La.

All bible study materials are provided at no charge.

Senator Boudreaux encourages all elected officials, candidates, or any other Christians involved in the political process to participate in this event.

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Lafayette Parish School Board to Authorize a Sales and Use Tax

On January 11, 2017, the Lafayette Parish School Board voted to use sales tax, instead of property tax, to fund facility improvements. The board hasn’t called a public election of the sales tax, but plans to sort out all details in the following meetings.

On Wednesday, February 15, 2017, at 5:30 p.m., the board will hold a meeting to consider adopting a resolution ordering and calling a special election to be held in the Parish of Lafayette, La to authorize the levy of sales and use tax therein. The meeting will be located at the Lafayette Parish School Board Administrative Building Board at 113 Chaplin Drive.

On Monday, February 20, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., the board will hold a meeting with the Mayor and City Council of the City of Carencro, La with plans to adopt an ordinance providing for the levy of a 1% sales and use tax – pursuant to voter authorization at the December 10, 2016 election. The meeting will be held at City Hall located at 210 E. St. Peter Street.

Sen. Boudreaux finds it very pertinent to make sure the people in his district are informed.

Celebrating MLK Day!

The Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Committee of Lafayette presents Living the Dream: “Uplifting Ourselves through Faith”. This year’s MLK Weekend festivities offers a host of educational, cultural, and entertaining events that are sure to bring our community together to celebrate the life of Dr. King and the movement he started. Below you will find a schedule of events happening on Monday, January 16th at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center.




I hope to see you sometime this weekend! Should you have any questions about the events of this weekend, call my office and we should be able to provide answers!



Lafayette Office

Legislative Assistant: Phyllis Angelle Roy

Phone: 337.267.7520


Opelousas Office

Director of Operations: Anthony Daniel

Phone: 337.948.0306

Important Information as Tax Season Approaches

For immediate release by the Louisiana Department of Revenue:

Louisiana state income tax filing begins Monday, January 23

Enhanced security measures in place to protect taxpayers from fraud

BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) will begin accepting 2016 state individual income tax returns on Monday, January 23, the same date that the IRS begins accepting federal returns. On that date, LDR will begin accepting returns filed electronically at www.revenue.louisiana.gov/fileonline and through third-party commercial software, along with paper returns submitted in person and through the mail.


Also on January 23, taxpayers can begin downloading paper tax forms from the LDR website, but all taxpayers are encouraged to file electronically for the fastest, most error-free return processing.


The state individual income tax filing deadline is Monday, May 15.


LDR begins this tax season with a focus on protecting taxpayers and state government against fraud.


Over the past three years, LDR has saved taxpayers more than $50 million through its tax fraud prevention initiative, with millions more recovered through restitution. Dozens of fraud suspects have been arrested.


The enhanced security measures in place to detect and stop fraud have increased the time it takes to process tax refunds. For returns filed electronically, refund processing could take as long as 60 days in some cases. Some taxpayers filing paper returns could wait as long as 14 weeks for their refunds.


Additional and unnecessary refund delays can be expected if taxpayers fail to keep their most current contact information on file with LDR, including name, address and telephone number. Taxpayers who have moved in the past year, including those displaced by the 2016 floods, should visit www.revenue.louisiana.gov/addresschange.


Tips for Taxpayers


LDR recommends the following steps to ensure the fastest, most accurate tax return and refund processing:


  • File electronically – The expected refund processing time for returns filed electronically is up to 60 days; for paper returns, expect to wait 12 to 14 weeks.
  • Taxpayers should update personal information if their name or address changed during the tax year.
  • Double-check return information – Ensure that all Social Security numbers and tax computations are correct, and that all names and Social Security numbers are in the same order as previous years. Math errors and incorrect tax-table information are leading causes of delayed refunds.
  • Include all supporting information such as W-2s; use paperclips, not staples, if filing a paper return.
  • Apply for extensions in a timely manner – Extension requests must be filed electronically no later than the May 15 income tax filing deadline.
  • If additional tax is due, include the remittance coupon to ensure proper payment posting.
  • Make checks or money orders payable to the Louisiana Department of Revenue; do not send cash.
  • If filing a paper return, attach the proper label to the mailing envelope.


Basic tips for ensuring a proper return filed by a reputable tax preparer:


  • Try to find a preparer who will be around to answer questions after the return has been filed.
  • Avoid preparers who base their fee on a percentage of the amount of the refund or who claim they can obtain larger refunds than other preparers without first reviewing your returns.
  • Review and ask questions before signing a return.
  • Ask others that you know who have used that preparer if they were satisfied with the services that they received.
  • Ask any preparer that you are considering for references.
  • Ask and verify if the preparer belongs to a professional organization that requires its members to pursue continuing education and also holds them accountable to a code of ethics.
  • Always question entries on your return that you don’t understand.
  • Never sign a blank return.
  • Insist that the preparer sign the return and provide his appropriate information on the return.
  • The preparer should meet with the taxpayer and go over the return before it is filed.
  • Taxpayers should be provided a copy of their return before it is filed.
  • Pay attention to media reports of persons who have been convicted of tax fraud.
  • Taxpayers should be aware that the information that they provide to their preparer could be used to commit identity theft by an unscrupulous preparer.


For more information, contact:

Byron Henderson – Director of Public Information, Louisiana Department of Revenue

Email: [email protected]

Office: (225) 219-2156

Sen. Boudreaux Supports Cervical Health Awareness

The United States Congress has named January as Cervical Health Awareness Month and Senator Boudreaux stands in support of all efforts to increase awareness and prevention of cervical health conditions. As with most health complications, early detection is key to regaining control over one’s health and leading a happy life. Provided below are resources available to ensuring HPV, Cervical Cancer, and other cervical diseases do not negatively affect your life.


 1. Cervical Health Symposium


The University Hospital & Clinics Cancer Committee will be hosting a free Cervical Health Symposium on Saturday, January 28th, 2017. A free lunch will be provided where guest speakers will discuss topics of importance in maintaining cervical health and prevention of critical diseases. You are invited and encouraged to attend!

Click here to register for this event.


2. Free Breast and Cervical Screenings


The partners of the Acadiana Breast and Cervical Coalition are offering free screenings to those who qualify. Calling Mrs. Louise Batiste, MHA of the University Hospitals & Clinics at 337-261-8553 would be the first step in finding out how you can receive this life-saving preventative care.


3. Inform Yourself!

Below are a few resources you may find useful in educating yourself and others on the issues of cervical health.


National Cervical Cancer Coalition’s Cervical Health Awareness Month Resources

The Louisiana Breast & Cervical Health Program’s Website

American Cancer Society’s Resources for Cervical Health Awareness Month


We hope these resources are useful in keeping the citizens of our community healthy and happy.

Sen. Boudreaux Supports Breast Cancer


The Acadiana Breast and Cervical Coalition Partners above are offering free breast and cervical screenings to all who qualify.

About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, according to BreastCancer.org. Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women, also according to BreastCancer.org. Senator Boudreaux encourages all women to get tested for both breast and cervical cancer to ensure their ultimate health.

Senator Boudreaux encourages all women to get tested for both breast and cervical cancer to ensure their ultimate health. Take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.


For more information or to schedule a screening, please call 337-261-8553


Sen. Boudreaux’s Health Update


From the Office of Senator Gerald Boudreaux

Last week, Senator Boudreaux had surgery to remove a growth that was found on his Thymus gland during a routine physical.  The growth was found to be benign.  He was released from the hospital and is at home with his family now recovering for the next 3-6 weeks.

Senator Boudreaux is recovering well and asks that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Should you need any assistance while Senator Boudreaux is recovering, please contact his District Office at 337-267-7520 and speak with Phyllis Roy.

For more information on Senator Boudreaux’s procedure and recovery, follow the story by KATC by clicking here.

Sen. Boudreaux’s Reflections on the 2016 Legislative Sessions

This year, the Louisiana State Legislature spent a historic nineteen weeks in session. Our primary goal was to address the budget deficit. While progress was made, we still have work to do, beginning with the taxation structure of our system and the unregulated give-aways that are occurring.


However, I would like to highlight the great strides that were made to bettering our community and our state. Because of the leadership of Governor Edwards and the legislature, 350,000 Louisiana citizens will now have access to the newly expanded Medicaid insurance plan. Education is becoming a top priority for our government and I will continue to fight for our future in the Senate Education Committee. I encourage you to join me in giving a better future to our children by being involved in the process.  Attend a school board meeting, meet your children’s teachers, or visit the schools in your area.


Again, there is much work that needs to be done, but the discussions have started and progress is being made.  It is an honor to serve the citizens of this district and those of our state. I thank you for your support and will continue to work for a better and brighter future for Louisiana.