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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Activities Suspended

State Senator and former Parks and Recreation Department Director recently announced that the local committee has SUSPENDED all martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday activities and programs for 2021.

For the past thirty-five years, the local organizing committee has coordinated a weekend of activities, programs, and events in conjunction with the federal holiday commemorating the life and legacy of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Due to Covid-19 pandemic and for the safety of all members of our community, we will follow all of the CDC and State guidelines and recommendations for 2021. 

 We ask and encourage that in light of the recent INSURRECTION of our Nation’s Capitol that we all take time to reflect on non-violent and peaceful messages that Dr. King preached and alternately died for on April 4, 1968.  His “I Have a Dream” speech and his many writings including his letter from the Birmingham jail in 1963 is the true measure of his courage and wisdom.  The speeches and leadership cemented Dr. King’s legacy which led to Time magazine naming him “Man of the Year” and in 1964 became the youngest person ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The committee request that all members of the community celebrate by providing “Service” on January 18, 2021.  We challenge our churches to allowing programming (in-person or remotely) that will reflect a day on and not a day off.  We ask that we continue to follow all of the recommended guidelines of social distancing, frequently washing of our hands and wearing of a face covering/mask to avoid the spread of this deadly virus.  We also support the taking of the vaccine when it becomes available to all of our citizens.

We pray that everyone remains healthy and safe.  We promise to return to our activities and programs as soon as it is safe for all to attend.

May God continue to bless you and your families.  Stay Safe!


The Senate Select Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs held its first meeting and began hearing from state agencies on the challenges facing the state’s veterans and military personnel and the programs available to assist them. The committee, chaired by Senator Gerald Boudreaux (D-Lafayette), kicked off its meeting by broadening its name.

Once known as the Committee on Veterans Affairs, the committee felt it appropriate to broaden its name to the Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs to ensure that issues facing active military personnel are also included in the committee’s scope.

“This meeting is the committee’s first step in taking a more active role in all things concerning veterans and active military personnel,” said Chairman Boudreaux. “I want to thank President Cortez and Senator Reese for their role in making the change. We are sincere and serious about the providing the best resources available to our state heroes. We are here for you.”

The Select Committee on Military and Veterans is tasked with providing recommendations and direction concerning Louisiana veterans and military issues to the Louisiana Senate. It is composed of seven members – Chairman Boudreaux and Senators Reese, Carter, Cathey, Foil, Milligan, and Tarver.

“Our veterans and servicemen and women are the pride of our nation and state,” said Senator Reese. “It is the goal of this committee to ensure that each and everyone one of them have access to everything they need to lead healthy, happy, and successful lives.”

Members of the committee received an overview from the Department of Veterans, as well as Louisiana Economic Development, on available programs, ongoing challenges and upcoming events. A summary of the Senate’s Military Family Day event was also provided to the committee.

Paving the Way for a Healthier Louisiana

Louisiana Medicaid serves nearly 1.6 million Louisianans, approximately 35 percent of the state’s population. In 2012, Louisiana Medicaid initiated a managed care delivery model to provide better care and better health outcomes for Medicaid recipients. Today, managed care organizations (MCO) deliver healthcare services to more than 90 percent of all recipients. The MCO contracts provide specified Medicaid core benefits and services to children and adults enrolled in Louisiana Medicaid. The current contracts expire in December 2019. As such, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) plans to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) in January 2019 for its Medicaid managed care contracts for services effective in January 2020.

LDH is committed to transforming its Medicaid managed care program to provide better care and better health for its enrollees. LDH plans to hold public forums across the state in March 2018 to present and receive input on its vision for the future and key design elements under consideration as it looks ahead to the next procurement cycle. This vision and key design elements under consideration are outlined in the white paper below. All meetings are open to the public.

Rebuilding Together Acadiana

Rebuilding Together Acadiana is a non-profit organization supported entirely by contributions of time, labor, material and money. The organization is dedicated to repairing homes of those who, due to financial hardship, age, and/or disability, cannot do the work themselves. Skilled and unskilled volunteers along with able-bodied members of the recipient’s family and friends complete the repairs, with the homeowner contributing 5% of overall materials cost.
To be eligible for consideration in the program, you must:
– Own and live in your home (we do not work on mobile homes*)
– Be elderly and/or disabled
– Be low income based on federal guidelines.
The next scheduled rebuilding work day is set for April of 2019. If you’d like your house to be considered, please complete the application and return it to Rebuilding Together Acadiana as soon as possible. Applications received by November 1, 2018 will receive first consideration. Rebuilding Together builds wheelchair ramps year round, so there is no deadline for that program.
Please include verification of income and proof of homeownership with your application. Your application can not be processed until all documentation is turned in. The best documents to serve as proof are copies of the following:
– Proof of Ownership: Cash Sale/Bill of Sale or Property Taxes
– Proof of Income: SSI Benefit Statements, US Treasury Checks or Pay Stub
If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with Rebuilding Together Acadiana, there are still projects that could use your help! For more information, please email us: [email protected] or call us: (337) 291-9910.

Childcare Association of Louisiana: November 7, 2017

Today, the Louisiana Department of Education unveiled a new interactive website called Louisiana School Finder.  It contains performance ratings for public schools and licensed early learning centers (commonly referred to as daycare centers). The early learning centers in the state of Louisiana who are included on the newly launched Louisiana School Finder website are to be commended for participating in the Louisiana Department of Education Type III licensure category.  There are many high-quality Type I (church-based) and Type II early learning centers providing early care and education to infants and toddlers, including 3 and 4-year-old children.  Early learning centers who participate in Type III are centers who accept families who qualify for Child Care Assistance.

“We are very proud of the members of the Childcare Association of Louisiana, who are working extremely hard to ensure that quality early childhood education is accessible for ALL children at all ages,” said Jonathan Pearce, President of the Childcare Association of Louisiana.  “CCAL also believes strongly that children should be cared for and educated in developmentally appropriate settings”.

The real action is on the Top Gains Honor Roll where childcare centers across the state improved their performance ratings with very little to no additional funds from the state of Louisiana.  Early learning centers are highly regulated by a multitude of state agencies, to ensure that children are taken care of and educated in developmentally appropriate settings. These regulatory requirements are from the Louisiana Department of Education, the Louisiana Department of Health, the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Louisiana State Police and the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

“Act 3 which required licensed early learning centers who accept public subsidies that help working families – a minimum 30 hour requirement to be enrolled in school or working,  is an unfunded mandate on Type III childcare providers to meet stringent accountability standards set forth by the Louisiana Department of Education”, said Alan Young, legislative chairman of the Childcare Association of Louisiana. However, licensed child care centers across the state have stepped up to the plate to ensure that children who are in their care are being adequately prepared for kindergarten.

The premise of Act 3 was to level the playing field and equalize the funding streams for all children and their families who receive public funds for early childhood education.  This included the LA4 program, head start programs, the NSECD program and childcare centers that accept families who qualify for the federally funded Child Care Assistance subsidy.

The Childcare Association of Louisiana is a statewide, nonprofit organization that represents the needs of the childcare profession and the children and their families that they serve.



Early voting begins SATURDAY, SEPT. 30 and continues through SATURDAY, OCT. 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, excluding Sunday, Oct. 1.

Secretary of State Tom Schedler is encouraging all Louisianians eligible to vote in the special election to fill the state treasurer’s office vacated by John Kennedy to consider voting early. Early voting begins SATURDAY, SEPT. 30 and continues through SATURDAY, OCT. 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, excluding Sunday, Oct. 1.

Voters should utilize Louisiana’s award-winning smartphone application, GeauxVote Mobile, to find out where to early vote as well as whether they are eligible to vote in this election. All 64 parishes statewide have the treasurer’s race and three constitutional amendments on the ballot for Oct. 14. Additionally, New Orleans has high-profile municipal races including mayor and city council, while other elections of interest across the state include two state representative seats (districts 58 and 77), public service commissioner (District 2) and various municipal/local elections.

Citizens who want to vote early may do so in person at their parish Registrar of Voters Office or at other designated locations. For a complete listing of early voting locations visit




PSA: Gerald Boudreaux for a Drug-Free Louisiana


“Louisiana is ranked in the top 20 states to see a significant increase in opioid drug overdoses. We must reverse this alarming trend.” –Senator Boudreaux

Senator Boudreaux is focused and dedicated to promoting a drug-free Louisiana. With the growing opioid epidemic in the country, it is important that our state takes a stand to protect its citizens.


Senator Boudreaux’s Father’s Day Reflections


Senator Boudreaux was featured in Faith and Soul, a news magazine that focuses on “Refreshing the mind, body, and spirit.” This Father’s Day, Senator Boudreaux reflects on what it means to be a father:
“Father’s Day allows us to honor and celebrate with the individuals that have served as the head of the house and made the necessary sacrifices for their daughters, sons and the entire family. We look to our father as a role model and for his strength during difficult times. I challenge those who are blessed to still have their fathers, and I ask them to reach out on this special day with an expression of love and gratitude. And for those of us who will not be able to physically touch our fathers, we pause during the day and reflect on the memories and the positive impact our dad had on us individually and collectively as a family.” 

Senator Boudreaux: 2017 Summer Intern

20170608_131756 Senator Boudreaux of District 24 hosts Jacob Hawkins from the Academy of Business as his Summer 2017 intern. Mr. Hawkins has accompanied Senator Boudreaux in completing a number of Legislative duties, which include monitoring house and senate bills, retrieving and reporting on fiscal notes, reviewing weekly Senate workload, retrieving video archives for review and summarization, and learning to interact with and communicate with constituents. 20170608_132358 20170608_143433